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who is amilu

amilu is a filipina living a long time in Vienna, the capital of Austria/ europe. she will bring the high quality of austrian bakery, cake and bread, into your homes. 

Amilu is looking for quality presents made from filipine artists and artisans, from traditional material with a new, modern style.

amilu is creating a special way of presenting flowers.      


amilu products

Amilu`s homedecor includes,  furnitures, pillows, blankets, paintings with frame .

An important part at amilu`s business is producing our pieces with local people with a fair price for their work. 

amilu artists

Bysides the designfabrics, amilu is working with small weavers from all over philippines. They are producing our fabrics in there traditional way and our design and we create our pillows and bags to make your living more lovely.

For our artgallery we are working with painters and photographers. We will help them to come out of there hidden studios and  workshops to find a place in your home, making your living more lovely. 

handmade for you